Cool Crocs Artist/Founder Joseph "JP" Penner grew up in a small town in Oregon and has been an artist for as long as he can remember. For decades, he struggled to find cohesion between his different creative strengths. JP was finally diagnosed recently with ADHD, and that coincided with finding the NFT space, a place where everything fit together.

The Cool Crocs brand merges our genesis NFT collection with real-life products and utility. While holders get full access to the perks below, including exclusive products & events, we wanted to make the Cool Crocs brand more accessible to non-holders as we work to onboard others to the Web3 space.

The Cool Croc character, Charlie, was first conceptualized and drawn by JP on a cross-country road trip after college for a zine-style comic book. He's been unofficially building up the IP since 2009, and in April 2022, he officially launched the Cool Crocs brand and is excited to share it with the world!

Join the #CrocFam!

By minting a Cool Croc, you're joining a community focused on supporting the ADHD and neurodivergent community while creating a fun and expansive cartoon universe.


NFT Roadmap & Utility

Access to multi-media immersive art events

One of our big goals is an immersive art event that brings this whole cartoon universe to life. It will showcase the storylines and characters in various mediums (puppets, animation, AR/VR) as well as musical acts. Throughout this process, community input and talent will be incorporated into the storylines and dictate which ones get told in which order.

Partnerships with brands for IRL savings

Our first partnership is with Kono's Kitchen, with more in the works. Currently, holders receive 20% off this WOC-owned healthy freeze-dried raw dog treats company.

Membership to our DAO

Cool Crocs holders are eligible to join our Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where the community can vote on where the story goes and have the chance to be featured as voice talent in the cartoon.

Privately-hosted events

Cool Crocs Artist/Founder JP comes from a background in events. He's already hosted several private events for Cool Crocs holders and is looking forward to more in the future!

Metaverse events

Through their ownership of land in The Sandbox, Cool Crocs will have games and private events for holders in the metaverse.

Clothing line

Early Cool Crocs holders were gifted custom hoodies, while current utility includes a free t-shirt and plushie. All apparel is also available for purchase.


In addition to gaming in the metaverse, we're also working on a mobile game and a custom card game that will be shipped to holders for the 2022 holiday season.