Christmas Crocs: The Card Game - Extended Rules

How to win:

The goal of the game is to fill up 5 present slots in front of you. The first person to get 5 presents wins the game! (2 candy canes = 1 present)

No. of Players:

2-6 players per deck.


Deal 5 cards face down to each player. All turns begin by drawing 1 card, playing a card, and following the action of that card.

"Nice" Cards:


Santa - The Santa card has two types of gameplay:

  1. The first is to ask any player if they have a present in their hand (not in a present slot). If a present is given, it must be played immediately as part of the turn.
  2. The second is using the Santa card to take away a Coal card in one's own present slots. Both the Santa and Coal will go into the discard pile and the turn will end.

Elf - The Elf card has two types of gameplay:

  1. The first is to ask any player if they have a candy cane in their hand (not in a present slot). If a candy cane is given, it must be played immediately as part of the turn.
  2. The second is to draw an additional card if a player has less than 5 cards in their hand—if, for example, cards were given away to other players during gameplay, the player would draw the initial card on their turn and then would have the option to use the Elf card to draw an additional card.

"Naughty" Cards:

Scrooge - Takes 1 slot (1 present or 2 candy canes) from any player and puts it in the discard pile. The Scrooge cannot take the present slot for themselves. When you use the Scrooge card on another player, this is also known as getting "Scrooge'd".


Grinch Croc - The Grinch Croc takes 2 presents (not candy canes) from one other player's present slots and adds the presents to their own open slots. If the player using the Grinch Croc only has 1 open slot, they get one of the presents and the other present gets discarded.

If the player using the Grinch Croc has less than 5 present slots filled after using the Grinch Croc to take 2 presents from one other player, anyone in that round can play a Heart card to "make the Grinch's heart grow bigger" and redistribute two presents to the following two players (each sequential player gets one present).

When a player uses the Grinch Croc to win the game by filling up all 5 slots, the next player can block them from winning by using a Heart card from their hand. If the player after the Grinch Croc doesn't have a Heart card, the game ends and the Grinch wins!

Special Cards:

Heart - The Heart card can only be played in the same round as the Grinch Croc and makes that player give away the 2 presents they stole to the next two sequential players. If a player uses a Grinch Croc to win, only the next player can use a Heart to stop them from winning and to continue the game.

Coal - Fills a slot in any other player's present slots so they can't put anything down. The only way a Coal card can be removed from one's own slot is with a Santa card during their turn.

Object Cards:

Present - Place in open slot. First player to 5 presents (2 candy canes = 1 present) wins the game.


Candy Cane - Place in open slot or in slow with 1 candy cane in it. Candy canes can only be played one at a time. In order to fill one present slot, a player needs to play one candy cane during one turn, and wait until the next turn to play a second candy cane in the same slot. Candy canes in a slot can only be removed with a Scrooge card, not a Grinch Croc.

Gameplay Cards:

Choo Choo - Reverses direction. When the card is played, every player shouts out "Choo choo!"

Snow Croc - "Freezes" or skips any player in that round.


About Christmas Crocs: The Card Game

This original card game is based on the Cool Crocs Christmas NFT Collection, a special collection of hand-painted, hand-generated and photographed NFTs celebrating the holidays.


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