Cool Crocs Cookout: The Card Game - Extended Rules

How to Win:

The goal of the game is to fill up 5 food slots in front of you. The first person to get 5 food cards ends the game, and the person with the most points wins the game! If you have a drink can (Crocolyte) card in one of your slots when the game ends, your points do not get counted, and your score is zero.

Play one round at a time or keep track of your points for tournament style play!

No. of Players:

2-8 players per deck.


Deal 5 cards face down to each player. All turns begin by drawing 1 card, playing a card, and following the action of that card. Cards that have been played are put in the discard pile face up.


Fish cards - 1 & 2 points.

Chicken - 3 & 5 points.

Skaters: Lynda, Thad, Bekki, ChadBro, Suzy - Takes one card from any player's food slots, or can be used to block another skater from stealing your food. If used to block, use it immediately, you won't be able to block a steal after the next player after the player who uses it turn starts.

Aristocrocs: Hoity & Toity - Take two cards from any player's food slots.


Uncle Tibbs - Steals 1 fish card. Can be worth 1 or 2 points.

Chef Croc - Blocks either the Uncle Tibbs or Aristocrocs from taking your cards. It is played immediately whenever another player tries to take your food cards. It can also be used as a Draw 1 card to add one more card to your hand. If used as a draw card, player will not play the card drawn.

Croc Cop - Chooses one player to fan out the cards in their hand, and then chooses one of their cards blindly (from their hand, not their slots).

Big Rhonda - There is only one Rhonda card, and it takes all chicken cards from one player's slots. However, if a player has a Crocolyte can(s) in one of their slots, the Rhonda will discard it as well.

Crocolyte Drink Can - You can put Crocolyte card in any player's slot to block one of their candy slots. 

Science Croc - Gets rid of a Crocolyte Drink Can card in one of your own slots. Must be played during your turn.

Skateboard - Plays the most recent playable card in the discard pile.

Skip skater- Skips the next player.

DJ Chompy - Reverses order of gameplay.


About Cool Crocs Cookout: The Card Game

This original card game is based on the cartoon "Cool Crocs: The Aristocrocs' Folly"


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