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Cool Crocs NFT

Christmas Crocs: The Card Game

Christmas Crocs: The Card Game

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After hand painting and hand generating his Christmas Crocs NFT collection, artist & founder JP woke up in the middle of the night with a revelation: The characters in his collection would make the PERFECT game! And thus, Christmas Crocs: The Card Game was born.

Christmas Crocs is an easy game to learn and fun to play! Players take turns drawing from the deck and completing an action based on the characters in their hand. There's strategy, sabotage, candy canes, and presents...the perfect game for the holidays!

  • The goal is to fill the 5 present slots in front of you! But watch out—certain cards in other players' hands may block that from happening!

  • Each character has a different type of gameplay—the Santa Croc can ask another player for a present or get rid of coal in your own slot, the Scrooge can discard a slot from another player, and the Grinch Croc could help you win it all.

  • Strategize to not only fill your own present slots but also to prevent others players from winning first!

  • Fun for the whole family!

  • 2-6 players per game

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